“You don’t see a masterpiece take shape until
you add all the pieces.”
~ Nyeeam Hudson

What is RepeatProfits.com?

RepeatProfits.com was born from the idea of creating systems to “do it once, get paid forever”. That’s why we build automated repeat profit systems for ourselves and other companies. We also teach our “do it yourself” students the skills they need to do the same thing.

What is a “Repeat Profit System”?

You’re probably familiar with the word “funnels” by now, right? Think of a Repeat Profit System as a funnel on steroids. All together, it’s a 145-step process with multiple layers of specialized funnels built across 4 distinct phases, each working in concert and designed to bring you compounding growth of leads, traffic and sales – month after month. For our clients, we build one of these per month for you while you focus on bringing your gift, passion or Great Work to the world.. it looks something like this:

repeat profit systems

Each month a new profit-generating system is implemented. At the end, it’s a robust never-ending, auto-pilot sales system that compounds on itself to pay you over and over again.

If looking at this picture gives you anxiety, just let us handle building it for you while you focus on showing up as the talent in your business.

This is OUR talent – we live this stuff.

How does a Repeat Profit System work, and how much money can I make from it?

Details are reserved for clients and the FTC does not allow me to make any income claims, but here’s a little mathematical projection you can play with:

It all starts with a $27 product (or, if it’s a physical product, any sale that nets you $27 in profit).

$27 product
10 sales/day

Here’s the basic math:
27 * 10 = 270/day
270 * 30 = 8100/mo
8100 * 12 = 97,200/yr
97,200 * 12 = 1,166M (there are 12 phases to each system, then we go into part 2 of the formula – there are 4 sub-phases and 145 steps per system)

How big of a list do you need in order to do this? You can do it starting with a list as small as 1000 people (although, because we work on a fixed-fee basis and receive partial compensation in receipts, we require you to have a larger list to participate in our Done For You services. We do this so your interests and ours are always in alignment).

10 sales a day at a 1% conversion = 1000 people/day seeing offer. Grow your list by 10% per month and double the revenue in 7.2 months. (There are 5 other things we can show you how to do to grow even faster.)

Rinse and repeat and sales begin to compound on each other ad infinitum.

It’s elegantly simple marketing personified. Do it once, get paid forever. Works with both digital and physical products.

How fast does a Repeat Profit System work?

The Repeat Profit System can (and has) produced some great, almost immediate returns for many clients – but this is more of a “slow cooker” process than a “microwave” process. If you’re looking for a magic money machine that will make you rich tomorrow, this is not it. But, if you are willing to stick with it, these Repeat Profit Systems can change your life.

Can you build a Repeat Profit System for me?

Maybe. At a minimum you need to have a core product valued at $497 or more and have a minimum of 20,000 people on your subscriber list, but there are exceptions. Contact us for more details and to see if your business qualifies.

Sidenote: (in a whiny voice) “But Lee, you said above I could do this with 1,000 people on my list and now you say I need 20,000 to qualify – which is it?” Look, normally people with only 1,000 people on their list cannot afford to pay us to do the work in building out a Repeat Profit System, so we qualify people at a minimum of 20,000 people on their list. If you believe you are an exception, feel free to contact us to see if you can convince us otherwise.

Can you teach me how to build a Repeat Profit System?

Because we are so busy building for ourselves and our clients, our training roster is normally booked months in advance. We are now enrolling students for summer 2017 with a non-refundable $500 deposit. Contact us for more details.

Do you provide any other training?

We have an ever-expanding curriculum of self-paced DIY marketing training available at Repeat Profits Academy.

Do you have any proof this works?

Does a bear crap in the woods?

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Who is this Lee Collins you speak of?

lee-collins-purple-crop-bw-300xLee Collins is known by his peers as “The Do It Once, Get Paid Forever Guy”.

He started his first online business at home in 1999 with $500 and turned it into a six-figure per month success. Since then, Lee has built 4 successful businesses of his own while helping his students, clients and strategic partners create just north of $300 Million in product sales across a wide variety of 40+ markets.

Lee is the founder of Repeat Profit Systems and thinks of himself as a catalyst and probability enhancer. He leverages his background, skills and knowledge to shift the odds in favor of the client’s desired outcome.

When Lee isn’t busy growing companies, he enjoys his free time practicing martial arts, reading, camping, writing, building cigar box guitars, playing Native American flute and pursuing spiritual studies.

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