Campaigns That Grow Your Business Day After Day…
We Lovingly Call Them “Repeat Profit Systems”


Our approach is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3… here’s how it works:

We create three cohesive advertising campaigns for you, and each of these builds upon the other.

Phase 1. The “Know Me” Campaign

This is the workhorse. The little campaign that could. This is the campaign that we use to grow your audience steadily every single day, like clockwork. This is how 95% of people you see with 100,000+ followers got there, celebrities not included. This is where we start with every new client.

Phase 2. The “Like Me” Campaign

After we get phase 1 fully optimized, we move into phase 2, where we start letting your audience get to know you better. The audience is warm at this level and we’ll “invite them in” with cheat sheets, webinars, trial offers and more. This is where we start converting the audience you created in Step 1 to people who are willing to make micro-commitments with you in preparation for Step 3…

Phase 3. The “Trust Me” Campaign

We all know people buy from people they “know, like and trust”. Because of all the work we have already done in Phases 1 and 2, this is where we can ramp up the revenue for you. This is the goal of every business owner, unfortunately they normally make the mistake of skipping the other phases to try to get here early and get discouraged. You can’t rush this phase. This one takes the longest to get working, but it’s where the money is waiting.

The cool part is after each phase is crafted, tested and optimized – they just keep building on each other month after month.

Lay the groundwork. Follow the path. Harvest the fruit.

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