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We build and manage your digital marketing systems
while you enjoy more free time and take back your life

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“I don’t know how it happened, but Paypal said I made $71,523.41 gross in July…
I felt like I was slacking all month.”
– Kristen Joy,


Successfully Helping
Companies Grow Faster


Trained, Taught, Coached and Supported
in 14 Countries Since 1999

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In 50+ Various Markets,
Both Online and Offline

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the Most Recent Client Results

There Are Only 5 Ways to Grow Your Business…

#1: Increase Leads

You must have a stream of leads and business opportunities, from a wide variety of sources.

#2: Increase Conversion

You must have a consistent way to convert qualified leads into eager, paying customers.

#3: Increase Sales

We’re talking about the back-end here. You must sell more items, more often to each customer.

#4: Increase Profit

You must have strong pricing, which in turn, leads to strong margins (so you don’t die the death of 1000 cuts).

And Way #5 to Grow Your Business – Automated Systems.

(This is my personal favorite.) You must eliminate tasks that don’t add value, and systemize your daily operations so everything above happens on auto-pilot giving you the ability to work less while earning more.

Increase just ONE of these areas by a meager 10% each month and you can double your revenue in as little as 7.2 months. It’s simple math.

Increase them ALL and things start to get fun…

Repeat Profit Systems Combine All 5 of These Areas into a Cohesive Framework That Completely Eliminates the Guesswork in Growing Your Business

Here’s How It Works for You

Experience You Can Trust

Repeat Profit Systems are our masterpiece but we’re more than a one-trick pony.

My very own hand-selected and highly-skilled team brings the power of big business marketing to your business (no matter the size).

We have well over 40 years combined experience in all aspects of online and offline marketing, in over 51 different industries – from the corner tattoo shop to Fortune 500’s.

You Be the Talent

We know marketing your business online is hard.

We make it easier by doing it for you with our unique “you be the talent” approach.

It works like this: we build and manage your digital marketing systems while you enjoy more free time and focus on more important things (like friends & family).

Nothing could be simpler.

No Job Too Big (or Small)

Big jobs are just a bunch of little jobs strung together into a system or process.

Knowing this is why we can confidently help people or companies regardless of size.

Need help with a Facebook ad? No problem. Need help with a digital sales funnel? Easy Peasy.

Ready to go big with a full-blown Repeat Profit System? Let’s do this.

We’re In This Together

If you want to grow your business and take it to an accelerated level of repeatable profits, you don’t have to do it all alone anymore.

Leverage my very own hand-selected and highly-skilled team, to bring the power of big business marketing to your business (no matter the size).

From this day forward, you may be in business for yourself but you’ll never have to do it all by yourself again.

A Brief Word From Our Founder

“I believe the most reliable and predictable way to grow your business faster is with automated digital systems & processes. I call them Repeat Profit Systems. I like to say it’s more of a “slow cooker” process than a “microwave” process. But, if you are willing to stick with it, these Repeat Profit Systems can change your life.” – Lee Collins, Founder, Repeat Profit Systems

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